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What do you wear to bed?


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I've just been to Aldi and bought myself one of those t-shirt/shorts style combos for my night attire.
£6.99 I had to fork out.
I usually wear a t-shirt and a pair of regular pajama bottoms. In the depths of winter, I'll sometimes wear a nightshirt instead of the t-shirt.


I used to wear nothing but since we have kids i have to wear something in case they have to come in if they are restless, so i wear shorts and a vest, but there is nothing like spooning in the nuddy in bed god damn i miss them days lol


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Those were the days - falling asleep in each other's arms (afterwards of course) - now it's a case of "are those your cold feet"? (Silly question, whose else could they be?)


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Just some boxer shorts. If it's very cold I have a t shirt about six sizes too big for me. I ordered a large Beatles t shirt off Amazon some years back and they sent me 4XL and I couldn't be bothered to send it back. Makes for a good pyjama shirt.


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Villa_Grizzly - 28/6/2013 00:16

Tonight a U2 Tshirt.
Always commando down below.
Ready to go at a moments notice.
That call could come at any time....


Does Prepared know about this infatuation you have ?



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I wear a nice birthday suit.

I can't help but chuckle at the unfortunate events of a friend of mine. He always wears briefs now because there was a fire at his house and he ran out the front nude. Police, fire fighters and the whole street got a glimpse at his junk. Apparently it was a very chilly evening.


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Didn't Marilyn Monroe answer this question with "Chanel no.5"?
Similarly Frank skinner during his alcoholism days answered "my own piss" not getting quite the same reaction to Marilyn I suspect!

For me it's my juventus home shorts from about 3 seasons ago. Otherwise any football shorts I can find. In the cold or winter months (01.12-28.2 skeggy) I wear pyjamas.