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I find this hard to talk about but i feel i have to because i'm going fucking mad.My daughter is living with us and moved her girfriend in (yes girlfriend)what the fuck do i do.I love her to bits but i wanted grand kids off her i'm gutted but do i put up with it or fuck her lover off which is what i want to do


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is this even a question?

she's your daughter. you love her unconditionally.

it's a shame about the grandkids but you made that little girl and those gay feelings she has are something she's had since birth.

I've got a little girl, she's one now and I could never ever see me not respecting her choices in terms of sexuality because I love her too much.


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Yeah totally agree Prep but in 20 years will you be happy with a gay relationship for your daughter its a hard one mate beleive me
Sorry Gator, mate it's your not your daughter who needs to change.

What happens if you 'fuck off her lover' what will that achieve.

She isn't suddenly going to decide she likes Cumberlands. She'll find someone else she's attracted to and I doubt her new choice will will feel comfortable swinging to the left either.

If grandkids are your concern, the fact she prefers breasts to a penis, does not get in the way of that dude. Plenty of non hetero couples have children, adopt, whatever.

Stop stressing it, but also stop expecting it, would you 'put up with it' if she was hetero and just decided a career would be more important than kids, or would you want to 'fuck off' her male partner as well?

I take your point in response to Prep, I've got two girls of my own, but it shouldn't figure mate.
Oh and I'm annoyed at the thread title, I thought it was a description of what you do.

Apparently I'm 'just a blog writer'.

And that really looks out of place given your question you git lol


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Difficult mate. I have to agree with Mike, getting rid of her girlfriend wouldn't do any good.
I also sympathise with your feelings as we are all supposed to be PC. now.


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Fuck off Mike you have answered too well mate your completely right but its still hard by the way i already have six grand kids the others breed like rabbits shes my baby


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Trekker - 11/5/2013 23:30

Difficult mate. I have to agree with Mike, getting rid of her girlfriend wouldn't do any good.
I also sympathise with your feelings as we are all supposed to be PC. now.
I know Trek i guess its my old fashioned values getting in the way but its fucking hard
lol I read that wrong to begin with and was about to tell you to fuck off right back PMSL

I do agree it's difficult though, but at the end of the day dude, you love her don't her. That's what matters, so does her happiness.

Credit though, bitch on here, or down the pub to mates - never let in get in the way of your relationship with her when in the WTF mood dude.

Me and the missus say it wouldn't bother us now, and I feel it shouldn't, but I look forward to the days of getting revenge on our daughters by hyper sugaring the grandkids in future (a very fucking long future!) and then handing them back for them to deal with lol so I do appreciate if/when it happens it would come as a shock, but it's one you have to deal with mate.

At least you ain't missing out on winding up the parents though already being a grandparent dude! :17:
Would it be too early to suggest you ask your daughter if her partner has a friend, a digital camera, and maybe you can warm to her like that.

(I stress I don't mean your daughter!)

To be fair though Gator, I think you'd get equally wound up if she had a male partner and he was 'man handling her' as well, she's your little girl and always will be. It's the part of parenting I am NOT looking forward to.

As long as it's your sprigs choice though, and she's happy, trust you brought her up the right way and it's on her terms and everything will take care of itself really.


Mike is right aswell as Trek Prep, Life is a funny thing, and although im only 33 (feel 53) the things that seem to annoy me or find hard to take are the things i have no control over if you get me?

Basically what im trying to say is i feel your frustrations on this matter, i would be thinking similar to yourself probably but somethings in life things are out of our hands no matter if that is our kids actions or choices or even health issues or death of a luv'd one,these issues we have no control over and take consideration and time to adjust to sometimes dude,

But i know you will do whats right for your kid, no matter how hard it is to accept, because i can tell you care and by that you will be alright as thats all that matters at the end of the day being there for your kid when they need you.

Sorry for the long post btw i was just speaking what i thought and felt as i wrote it ;)


You dont have to let her move in do you? Its your house, Your rules! Would you let her move a boyfriend in? If the answer is yes, then I suppose you have to consider a girlfriend moving in.


Well mike, I have house rules. These rules are nothing to do with sexual preferences etc but its the spare room for anyone staying over unless they are married, or a couple already in a long term relationship.


Anyway if it was me in gator's position.

I would definitely NOT kick her girlfriend out now that she has already moved in.
Not sure how to get round the feeling of being uncomfortable when they cuddle etc but I can understand how you feel. One thing you have to accept, is that it is your daughter's life and she makes her own choices. In a good way, if she is cuddling her girlfriend in front of you then you must a great father. Me being honest, if it was my kids they would be scared to express that behaviour in front of me. So I would be driving my kids to do things in secret, which is not a great thing to be proud of.

Just open a beer and go with the flow, it could be a lot worse!

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Gator, if you did kick your daughters' girlfriend out, you run the risk losing your daughter. She could easily move out and set up "home" together somewhere else and possibly rebel against you.

Think carefully before you do or say anything my friend.
Gator , like with any relationship the more you don't want them to be together the more it will drive them together .

It could be worse mate she could be shacked up with a bloke who knocks her about etc .
Try and be happy for her , or you'll lose her