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What Are Your Favourite Non-Villa Goals?


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I'm sure we all have a few but I think these are my two favourite non-Villa goals ever (The Villa ones are Cahill vs the blues and Savo vs Leeds):

Bergkamp vs Newcastle - I still can't figure out if his first touch was intentional or not but I really hope it was:

Sinclair vs Barnsley - Just outrageous skill:

You read my mind Clubpaver Gazza's goal was made better by the fact that the Sweaty's had just missed a penalty a minute before the goal.


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You could look up Mat Le Tiss and Glen Hoddle and come up with loads of quality goals by both of them.
I haven`t got the time or the inspiration.It seems like such a long time ago that we were entertained by such skillful players that weren`t all playing for SKY4.FC,cos as we all know,any goal that isn`t scored by them is a crap goal anyway !


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I think the best goal that I have ever seen live was Paul Scholes, unfortunately against us at Villa Park.


Seriously folks, as a non-Villa supporter can i nominate a Villa goal? If so, Tony Morley away at Everton the year you pipped Ipswich to the title.
AND ANOTHER i JUMPED UP AND SALUTED - Peter Withe in Rotterdam, not so much a glorious goal but a glorious achieveent for English footy


One Bloody Number
THAT free kick by Roberto Carlos. The man according to Doug Ellis, that we nearly bought only for Brian Little to turn him down saying he preferred Alan Wright.



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Unfortunately my favourite non-Villa goal occurred against the Villa !!

The volley by Paul Scholes at VP about 10yr ago was the best goal I have ever seen live.

On TV, not for quality for for sheer joy as I hate them more than anything in this world, the Michael Thomas goal to stop Self Pity City winning the league in 1989 - can you just imagine what that was like as an Arsenal fan, it must be a moment that you know will never be beaten.