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What are you cooking during lockdown?


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BBQ done and dusted, beer drunk, and nowMrs Eweimps has just produced a cracking summer cocktail that she’s come across:
1part Bacardi 1part Aperol,topped up with lemonade served over ice with sliced strawberry and mint leaves. Thought I was sticking to beer but I’m gonna have another one of these....really nice on a warm day


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No inspiration last night but weather was cracking and had to ignite the lumpwood.
Usual culprits got cooked,chicken thighs,marinated pork filet on skewer, obligatory butcher`s banger(pork and garlic) a slice of sourdough bread,spuds whole on bbq,
romano peppers(top notch) aubergine and courgette slices plus a monty sized salad.
simple banana with rum and cream.
basic rose with a touch of Rioja.

Might ring the changes tonight but firstly I`m going to make a large batch of saag aloo,ingredients at hand and good freezer stock for when the supermarkets close down for good due to a lack of produce,possibly around xmas time.

Footnote:always be prepared and plan for the future not like all our political leaders(worldwide) and all their sidekick advisers(chief medical officer my arse) who have all been caught with their pants down with this pandemic,remember it`s only 213 days till Christmas and the shops are open on June 15th.


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Although I doubt you ever foray this far north, Devon. You'd be like Grant Brown making a surging open-play run into the box!
Spend half my life in Lincoln(my spiritual second home) and my mates are shocked I haven`t got a flat up there as I travel up there so often.
Couldn`t totally justify that to my wife.....she would accept it but would not be totally reconciled with the decision.(she travels as well but doesn`t attend the games)
I feel I am missing the place and can you please put my mind to rest and confirm that the Cathedral is still standing and hasn`t been bulldozed and replaced with a new Asda flagship megastore.

I`m really hoping the Castle will still be there too and the rumour that it was to be sold for private executive housing is total tosh....NEEDS CONFIRMATION.

Given the pending economic predicament that all local councils are going to have to deal with over the next few years then anything is possible but I live in hope the Cathedral and Castle remain intact and will be in situ for my next visit

My forays into Lincolnshire are plentiful and I look forward to the next ones post the covid 19.