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What are you cooking during lockdown?


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Plenty of lunches and dinners going on here.
Does anyone eat breakfast?
I'm pretty conservative (dull) in all my food choices and even worse at breakfast.

Overnight oats with 100g oats, 200g milk, 100g Fage yogurt, 100g frozen berries. Every weekday.

100g oats 400g milk, honey,salt, a side of fruit.
Every Sat & Sun.

And yes, I'm sad enough to measure it all out.:ROFLMAO:
I could do with eating the healthy option more than I do but it’s normally cereal in the week ( un-measured though maybe it should be) or porridge in the winter, weekend tends to involve eggs, sometimes boiled with soldiers or poached with toast (added avocado and mushrooms today)
Maybe once a month we skip breakfast for a later brunch (full works) on a Sunday ( but not if we’re having a Sunday lunch later that day)

Rob the Imp

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My breakfasts are not usually very exciting. Toast with peanut butter, jam or marmite, or cereal of some sort. Occasionally scrambled eggs at the weekend if we can be bothered!


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breakfast= one or two cups of coffee and occasionally a slice of decent bread,homemade or a multigrain loaf.(peanut butter)

Rarely have the full english ( but love it) and normally will accede to a slice of dry cure smoked back bacon if starving and worms panicking.


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Saturday nosh:
A duet of local lamb,chump and loin chop, cooked alla griglia,braised celery in stock with fried onions,cabbage in stock , small dauphinoise pots.
small cheeseboard
Followed by apple and blackberry crumble....homemade with clotted cream ice cream.
Wine was very decent Bordeaux(pessac-leognan), La Bruilleau (merlot cabernet blend) French price £8.80............when.bought in UK £23 ................RIP OFF AS USUAL.

Empty plates all round but the dog was looking slightly down in the mouth as he packed his boned shaped suitcase in the hallway with a bag of Winalot and a metal water bowl. I had already read him the riot act about the pending economic recession after dinner and if Winalot wasn`t good enough then his departure was imminent,the choice was his.(dog reality check)


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roast turkey breast with all the trimmings today..... We believe in traditional Sunday roasts at Casa Hither! thank goodness for my helpful butcher who is still delivering to me from his central London shop (kudos!)
We are on a roast down here as well and that was planned against an average forecast,actual weather is sunny slight breeze,blue skies.....mankini weather.