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What album are you listening to? Part 3

Early influences continued................

Album No 8 Kimono My House - Sparks. 1974

The wood work squeaks and out come the freaks!

Although other Glam Rock artists had reached their peak, the genre still had a few aces up its sleeve and the rule of two fantastic singles (This Town Ain't Big Enough.. and Amateur Hour) aired on TOTP in the summer of '74 introduced me to the charms of the Mael brothers.

Ron and Russell had decamped from the USA, ditched their band in favour of a British power pop trio of musicians and hitched their wagon to the recogniseable collection of talented freaks, misfits and kindered spirits that was the Glam Rock circus.

With a set of songs as catchy, idiosyncratic and twitchy as Ron's Adolf moustache, tank top and thousand yard stare, and Russell's unique falsetto delivery, they slotted in perfectly. They produced a second excellent glam rock album (Propaganda) that year, before branching off into a variety of differing styles that sees them continue to produce diverse and interesting music to this day.
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I'm struggling at the moment to find "New Music/Artist"

Im sure something will pop up soon...

Im still enjoying this vocal performance from Nakhane..



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I had a Bowie night at work on Tuesday I started at 19:00 and played him solid until 04:00 by that time I need a change.

So many amazing songs....
Early influences continued...............

Album No. 9 Next - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. 1973

By late 1974, with puberty in full swing, TOTP and Radio 1 had been augmented by the NME and Old Grey Whistle Test as sources of new music.

By the time I got to this album, my introduction to the legendary Alex Harvey, it was almost a year old. I first saw them performing the title track live on the OGWT and was immediately blown away by the mix of glam rock and vaudeville theatre, delivered with a menacing, don't mess with me sneer, by the 40 yearold Glaswegian veteran of the rock n roll era.

Harvey was a truly unique artist, who with SAHB, before his untimely death in 1982, produced 4 or 5 excellent albums and created an entertaining and charismatic stage show, whose influence can be witnessed in later artists from Nick Cave to Madness to Blur.

A legend, although not quite "The last of the teenage idols" Certainly one of my most important early influences.