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What a bloody hypocrite.


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I think I've got it.

Their people are bad because they have all the power, made the rules, broke the rules and then flaunted it.

Our people are not as bad because they didn't make the rules, don't have any power, but they criticized the rule breakers, broke the rules, and then did the half decent thing.

If someone could just go over where the gas leak fits in again.

I've been re-watching Joan Hickson's Miss Marple.


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So the government has been admonished by the UK's statistics watchdog for its handling of Coronavirus data aiming to show

"the largest possible number of tests, even at the expense of understanding".

Johnson & Cummings manipulating the truth. It's not a good look.


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If ever someone in high office deserves her P45 it is this bint.
Gimmer, as the thread opener, notwithstanding that your concern was about some bint, has this (not the bint) thing now blown over ? It`s been a couple of days now since the last post, just checking.