We've come a long way

Spanish Bee

Vital Youth Team
Whether it was 7 million or 8 I don't know, but we turned it down, blimey! We may have a long way to go, but we've already travelled a long way.


Vital Reserves Team
It’s an extraordinary sequence of events maybe reflective of the sums of money that PL clubs are willing to spend as much as anything else. £7/8m for a young player with barely half a dozen starts in the league is some leap of faith.

BFC must be very confident that his value will rise significantly to turn down that sort of money especially when we have the proven Egan to fill in on that position.

I saw CM play for the development sides a few times and he certainly stood out as a class player. Big question is could he deal with the physicality of first team at Championship level and I guess he has proved he can.

Next we will see if England make a move for him given a move to the PL seems inevitable in the summer and we are short of international quality ball playing CB’s.