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Wembley Opponents?

Who do you want at Wembley?

  • Leeds

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Derby

    Votes: 13 81.3%

  • Total voters


Vital Football Legend
For atmosphere I voted Leeds given it would be quality.

Not that it matters, we’ve got a more favourable opponent now (I don’t want to say e*sier for fear of what could happen)


Vital Football Hero
Fear.... forget on the pitch, Leeds equals trouble, always has, always will, in fact, i bet there is trouble outside Elland Road now.

We can now all (and I mean Villa and Derby) go to Wembley knowing we can have a great day out, and 99% certain , you will be safe.

I will take that - on the pitch, who knows


Vital Football Hero
I would have probably preferred Derby, not that I think they are easy but Leeds scared me in the 2 games this season, thought they looked really good, premier league class even and they could have seriously out classed us at Wembley. Also I hate those Leeds bastards so I couldn’t bear to see them winning promotion at our expense, at least if Derby beat us I’d quite happily wish them well next season


Vital Football Hero
One thing for sure is the Leeds fans I have seen on twitter etc plus actually encountered, are generally full of hate, bile and utterly deluded.
So far I have only ever gotten to know one Leeds fan (through work) and she was a vile woman. As you said full of hate, she was just a nasty piece of work. It’s funny how often some people’s entire personality can be summed up by which team they support.

That said the only person I’ve encountered at work who was worse was actually the one bloke who was a villa fan


Vital Football Legend
My company has a Leeds office and there’s a few loud mouthed Yorkshire men who’ll be sobbing into their tea tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the blower at 9am.

We’ve got our fair share or twats too, sure it would be fine at Wembley. I think there’s surprisingly little trouble given how many people are there.


One Bloody Number
Just heard the Leeds fans singing that song about Frank Lampard before the game yesterday so decided to make up my own version......

Now all of your spies have been taken away
The Premier League you will make it one day
But for the time being it's Luton away
Stop crying Bielsa!!!