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Weekly Quiz: w/c 4 June


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1. What is the connection between legendary Northamptonshire County Cricket Club scorer Leo Bullimer and Lincoln City?

2. On the subject of cricket, which City goalkeeper became a test match umpire?

3. What is Billy Ashurst's claim to Lincoln City fame?

4. How did the discovery of a diary re-write Lincoln City history?

5. Did Lincoln City sign the wrong man? Who was he?

6. Which club record is held by Paul Farman?

7. What was unusual about Edwin Bentley, who was City's groundsman for many years in the early part of the twentieth century?

8. What amounted to £671,000?

9. Which City midfielder won the FA Youth Cup with Arsenal?

10. Where is this? What unlikely feat did City pull off there for the second time in three weeks?


Answers on Friday.

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is 9. Rocastle? or Hoyte maybe.
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4 I think this related to who actually scored a goal in the 1931-2 season in which Allan Hall was credited with a record number of goals. A diary of one of the players showed a different scorer for one of the goals, meaning that Hall scored one fewer than the number previously thought.


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7. Edwin Bentley appeared in the 1901 census as a professional footballer (living at 9 Eleanor St).

Moved to Boston, where he was a Gardener. Died there in 1955 aged 79.
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9 Nicolau for certain.........the only answer on here I knew!!

6..With Farman as a guess is it being voted in a team of the year more than once during our non-league days. Something is telling me he got this twice

5. Before anyone else says it..............all too frequently


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From a book I got many years ago called 'Who's who of Lincoln City 1982-1994@' there is a Leon Boullemier listed as city goalkeeper 1895-97 then going on to Northants CC so I assume this is the answer to question 1


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Unless of course Leo is his son....................sorry for using a book but I love these kind of quizzes and at my age it's always nice to have to engage the grey matter


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Following on from Bazzzer's post, Edwin "Bunny" Bentley was born in Lincoln on 27 February 1876 and served as groundsman and assistant trainer at the club, also helping out on the playing front appearing in almost every position, including goalkeeper.

From the Lincolnshire Echo of 28 February 1910:
Popular with the Lincoln crowd of all grades. Edwin Bentley. who joined the Cits fourteen years ago as groundsman and assistant trainer, is to have a benefit match. He has chosen Saturday, April 30th (Fair Saturday) when City Reserves entertain Denaby in a Midland League encounter. He had only been with the Club about a week when he was asked to play; he had previously plaved with various local clubs, always at right full back.

For Lincoln, however, he has played in every position in the field, from goalkeeper to centre-forward. We hope he will have a bumper, for he deserves it. Bentley has been a very useful emergency man, and there has been no question when he has gone on the field whether he would do his best or not. He has always been a trier, and for that the crowd have always liked him.
His benefit game saw around 2000 people attend a 2-0 victory for the reserves. He left the club in June 1922 when he was appointed groundsman and trainer to Boston F.C.


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5. This one is bugging me. I have a vague recollection of reading that we had a deal for a loan player in place but didn't actually get the player we thought we were signing. For some reason Tony Woodcock's name keeps coming into my head but I can't think that's right


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Some great answers so far, especially the post from Eddie re. Edwin Bentley.

I'll give an update tomorrow on what else is required, although there are at least four that have not been answered correctly and a couple of others needing more.

The answer to Q5 (the wrong man) is particularly interesting.