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Warnock hints at retirement


Vital Youth Team
Neil is almost seen as a God at Meadow Lane,he could walk though the gates again with nobody complaining,we loved his no nonsense approach and not being a Yes man :bow:


Alert Team
And I haven’t even written to Santa yet :santa:

I wouldn’t miss his snide comments and agricultural attitude to playing football


Vital Youth Team
I love to hear him on the tv,he's a great character and I love characters that make interviews more interesting,keep speaking your.mind Neil :clap:

If there's one manager that I just can't stand is Fat Sam,when he was at Notts he took us to promotion the first full season that he was there,the second season he got an offer from Bolton,shoved a letter under the owners door and said that he had to leave for family reasons,just like that,two weeks later he was unveiled as Boltons new manager,the f@#king Judas :finger:
Colin is 50 % common sense , straight forward man's man and 25% guaranteed to get under your skin and 25% absolute twat. Maureen used to be funny but he's trotting out the same old one liners and the gloss on the turd has worn off. I like his dress sense though so he is the man for me


Vital Youth Team
I like the fact that he gets a reaction from people,he's a marmite manager,you either love or hate him,a bit like Cloughy,didn't Sheffield Utd once had to a game abandoned because they only had six players left on the field and he got some stick over that?