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Want 25GB Free Online storage?


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Click on this link then.



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Just read this. It says 250mb upload limit. I'm not up on this so does that mean I can't up load pictures larger than 250 mb ? If so I don't think it would be any good for me or am I misunderstanding.


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Yes the maximum individual file size is 250mb, but that is more than large enough for photo's and music tracks, and documents. Admittedly video could be a problem, but it is free.
Cheers Wurzel. I've got Skydrive and Dropbox, but more storage is always much appreciated.

Having said that, Skydrive allows you to link to any other PC you want, so I have a 2Tb Hard drive full of Movies, Music and Photos I can access anywhere in the World.

I'll be registering, just in case I find a use for it in the future.


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If you have a photo that is 1.5gb then you must be from 20 years in the future with a camera that takes photos that big.

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Trekker - 9/2/2013 18:22

So, if I have a photo which is say 1.5 gb then I have to reduce it?
Wow, a 1.5 Gb photo would need to be about the size of Northampton. Good luck printing that one out! :14:

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do me a favour folks, had a spammer shit post two links in this thread (thanks for last alert heath) ... PLEASE don't give the tosser the satisfaction and don't click on his link.