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Vital Villa Official Photography Thread


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Went backpacking around Cuba over Christmas, here's a few from first stop in Havana. Brilliant vibrant city, like stepping back in time to 70 years ago. The old vintage American cars are genuine and what you use to get from one city to another, in shared taxis. A great experience. Will add some more photos from other places in Cuba.

Full album here






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What camera do you use Chico?

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Main camera is now a Canon D2000, had to change it from my Canon D650 recently which was on its last legs. Both cameras decent and reasonably affordable. Also got a Tamron 70-270mm lens, aswell as the kit 18-55mm kit lens that comes with it.
A few of the photos are also from my Samsung S10+ which is excellent for some candid street photos.


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To lighten the mood, here's a few shots taken in Cadiz 2 weeks ago. We arrived on friday and by Saturday afternoon lockdown began. Luckily managed to get some photos in before we were confined to appartment. Beautiful city that I hope to get back to after this Virus is all over.

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Wow, beautiful place. You always take such great photos.