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Vital Villa's new Pope


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A bit like voting for a new manager/player etc: I thought we should have our very own elected Pope.

Please post picture if possible. I will add whom we have so far. The winner will be announced on the Pope in Rome day and JF will set fire to the JF Villan Chimney pot to let you the announcement is eminent.

Thank you JF for giving us your chimney pot: I know you didn't get a say in the matter however as Big Chief it has to be your chimney pot. I don't want to demote you and hurt your self esteem :17:


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Pope models so far: Marlon Harewood picture has been removed has he doesn't want to be put up as a role model figure for Rome (in other words he is not allowed to be in the picture cos it's copyright. Wtf would want to copy MH I would like to know :17: )



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I figure this one might end like the Villa's Greatest Ever Player (not including Paul McGrath) poll.

I would love to see Skeggy as Pope.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
No bikini, I am sorry, as lord of the dance, I must overrule you.


Just for the headlines.

Oh and for my modernising agenda.

Sell all their riches and DO GOOD IN THE WORLD.



I would luv to see Mike made pope tbh lol his rants when off on one would be brilliant whilst he would be wearing a pope outfit ;~}


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The Catholic church is obviously quite "close" so I have voted for myself and Marlon Harewood.

If elected, I think I will need a wheelchair as I will not be able to walk.


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We have the first sign of smoke from The Vatican: It is black smoke..

Fear towers I hear is also blowing black smoke, or JF has set his tea on fire again

No decision yet. You still have time to vote