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Hello all

Obviously this forum NEEDS a leader, the last Ed wasn't able to give the time and effort needed - front pages are being ticked over but we need some of you guys to help!

Do any of you have the interest in helping to revive this forum? I know it's a stuggle but this SHOULDN'T stop the interest and view shared on here?

We're also looking for some of your fan driven views to go up on the front pages - we do get some, which is appreciated but someone regularly offering up views and opinions is really need.

Any interest click below, I'll keep checking in on the forum for any interest but that email link would be best!

<a href=""><font color="#CC0000"><b>***CLICK HERE TO EMAIL***</font></b>


Vital Squad Member
Their are some good and experienced people on this site it should not be that difficult to find someone to take it on, or maybe a team effort.