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We love him in fact everyone loves him but when does Pep say enough so enough ,he must be wrecking himself trying to get fit and the tweet from his wife was heartfelt.
We must get a replacement and give him to next season to try one more time.
We know Pep can be ruthless and I don't want that for the big man .
Enough was enough for me last season Colin, it's sad but he's finished as a footballer. It's a credit to him that he's tried to keep going, lesser men would've thrown the towel in long ago but for his own good he needs to recognise that he's pissing against the wind.

Best case scenario for me is if he hangs up his boots and gets a job within the club, maybe in the academy.


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Can't disagree, BD. As Colinx3 says, we all love him but his time is all but up.
I would love it if he stays on in some capacity.



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I think the World Cup next year has been driving him on - had that been further away I think he may well have given in to the obvious signals from his body earlier.

It is desperately sad and I am in awe of his resilience in pushing himself to recover again and again but fear that he will not be successful. I suspect however thathe will continue on his path until next summer in an attempt to play in the WC.

I actually admire Pep for sticking with him despite being painfully aware of the risk that having him in and out of the side presents to his plans. I am absolutely sure that should Vinnie choose to do so he would be welcomed into any role within the academy etc. Not sure whether he has any UEFA coaching badges though. I mean if they can make up a job role for Chappie the Kit Man, I think they will find one for the Club captain.


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Gday Colin, hope your feeling ok.
I think VK might consider some sort of job with the Belgium national side as he is pretty passionate about playing for his country, but whatever he chooses to do he will get all our support for the loyalty he has shown us.


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I don't 'love' VK4 - I've never met him and don't know him but in the past he has been exceedingly good at his job and on occasion made me feel good about stuff. Apparently his latest injury isn't too serious and he will be back sooner rather than later.