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VAR gone mad


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VAR hasn't yet reached league two just yet so I really haven't had any experience of how it affects the flow of the game,I'm against it if I'm honest,we've had goals go against us in the past and we've had goals awarded that shouldn't have as have everyone else,it's all part of the game,something to complain about on the way home
Last night Mainz who play in the Bundislega got award a penalty when the team's had left the pitch at half time and had to come out again just to take the penalty then go back,this is the VAR gone mad,imagine going to the toilet at half time at 0-0 and then coming back to find out that you was 1-0 up before the second half had even kicked off and missed the goal,keep the VAR in the Premier League where all the money is and I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't become compulsory in all of the leagues