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VAR forcing paying fans away?

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This from This European Football Association.
“As from the commencement of the 2022/23, European Football
Seasons , all players will be required to be be painted with a Special Reflective foil , applied to their elbows , knees , toenails , fingernails and the tip of their noses .
We are absolutely sick to the back teeth of players getting away with scoring goals and making games into something that could be construed as interesting .
With the new camera technology , the coating to their body parts will not allow them to be more than than one millimetre in front of the last defender at the moment we think the ball might have been kicked .


We are actively looking for super IT boffins to evaluate the speed of the trajectory of the leg of the one who passes the ball, the absolute distance between his foot and the ball , the angle of the leg of the kicking foot , the size of his/ her football boot , the sound of the boot hitting the ball , methods of co evaluating the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound , and someone to draw pretty lines on the pitch .
We are determined to eradicate this problem of the ball going into the goal.
Goal line technology has almost wiped this out , the ball having to be 99.9999999999 % on the line , painted by one of those humans with a pre war paint roller, for us to be able to not allow the crowd to cheer .
By painting the fingernails we can also apply this technology to the intent of handball in the process of the futile attempt of goal scoring .
It is obvious we are not bothered with the action of the hand touching the ball when a goal is in no danger of being scored , what would be the point , but when the ball is getting to the sweet spot , the eradication point we call it , we need to assess the intent of the “goalscorer” .
Did his hand move in the direction of the ball by one millimetre.
If so , we will be able to disallow another one . “