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v Southampton

The Pyrry

Vital Reserves Team
Cant blame them players if they have come off that pitch knackered .. 9 men and a heavy pitch ... well done chaps for the rearguard action . Almiron put some shift in to be mentioned in dispatches.
Hope Wilson's injury isn't bad, Scar sometimes is a fanny in my opinion


Vital 1st Team Regular
Almiron MoM for me

Defended well as a unit (for once)! Really dug out a result cos I had no hope of getting anything after that 2nd half. Hopefully injuries aren't as bad as they looked.

Shelvey absolutely dreadful, worst player on the pitch and he was supposed to be captain.

Joelinton fucking useless, trying ASM's tricks on the edge of his own box in waterlogged conditions while under the cosh? Moron, about as intelligent as Shelvey trying long balls in high winds.
Be first on MOTD for a change when we've won. Should make easier viewing than that was although Shelvey could have prevented all this if only he'd put his boots on the right feet.

The Owl

Vital 1st Team Regular
Hard fought win that and needed. Schar and Lewis half hearted in the tackling department. Almiron ran himself into the ground and Willock looked promising.
Hope Wilson taken off as a precaution and its not that bad.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Almiron was fucking fantastic today, never been his biggest fan but that was brilliant. Fancy playing him in his correct position, who'd have imagined it?

Mostly all of them were good today, even Hendrick did ok apart from his stupid sending off.

Shelvey was shite, I'd give him 0.5/10 along with Joelinton, for turning up on time. Both bloody useless!


Vital 1st Team Regular
Hendrick's red card was one of the most idiotic I've ever seen . Should be bombed out of the club. He's been shit all season and has had one decent game (everton) .


Vital Champions League
I’m hoping Hendrick never wears the SDU strip again. Absolutely woeful player along with that Brazilian lump.

Good result in the end after some nail biting moments.