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v Leeds


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Difficult to predict a score but cant see anything other than an away win

Could this game be the final straw for Bruce or has he got enough about him to turn it round?

First team lineups to come when someone can be arsed to put them on


The Pyrry

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Form would suggest an away win but my gut says a draw, with a slim possibility of a home win .. If I was a betting man it would be 1-1 with a side bet of 2-1 to us .


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Can't see SDU scoring and Leeds put 5 past them last time so away win.

As for Bruce well he's here to the end of the season. Ashliar doesn't seem interested, even less than normal so that could suggest he is extremely confident the courts will go his way and relegation won't effect the sale (hopefully to the Saudis as there's no fucker else).

Keeps Bruce and SDU get relegated, Ashliar sells the club to whoever at a knockdown price (perhaps) sues the PL to make up the difference. Leaves the club in a even bigger mess than it is now. A final "fuck you" to the fans and knowing whoever comes in will have to pay Bruce his compo and not him. :lol:

So ludicrous it could actually be true knowing Ashcunt!


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A home win would see us well above our owners target league position, one point behind Leeds and a massive 10 points nearer the relegation zone.

A loss will see us a 7 points closer to the relegation zone and in even deeper trouble if West Brom take three points off Man City.

Tomorrow could be even more crucial in sealing our fate, especially if VAR conspires to give Brighton and Fulham three points each for a draw and Man Utd get turned over by Sheff Utd.

Nerves of steel required over the next few weeks.


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I just watch every match and hope things will improve knowing deep down that it won’t get any better but you never know. Actually I probably do like most sane supporters. You have to be slightly bonkers or maybe in the middle of a worldwide pandemic to watch this garbage🤨


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Can't pass, can't score, can't retain possession and can't fucking defend. How the fuck was he left unmarked and not even closed down, the shot was away before anyone even got near him.


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Got to be said - Callum Wilson is fairly shit at leading the line

He doesn't hold on to much or bring others in
To be fair to him, he must be lonely stood on his own. Even if he held up play, the midfield are so fucking pedestrian it takes them 8 minutes to get up from their own box.