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In an exclusive interview with Football FanCast, Rob Lee, who made 332 appearances for Newcastle United, can not understand why the Magpies are persisting with their split striker system and believes it has Graeme jones’ fingerprints all over it.

“I don’t know why he does it. I suppose if you’ve got the right players you could possibly do it but for me, if you’re playing Dwight Gayle, you’ve got to play him up front.

“Playing Dwight Gayle wide is like playing, and I’m not comparing him to Shearer I never would, but you wouldn’t play him out wide. I just don’t get why, with the players, we’ve got, why we’re playing like that.”

What the fuck does Rob Lee know ?
I have it on good authority that it's down to someone called broocy


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Well there's one thing the players will be thankful for tonight and that's not having to go to the away fans and clapping them for their support


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They were all good goals can't blame the keeper for any of them. You could blame bad defending but good strikes the keeper wasn't getting any of them


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I wonder if Fulham's loan players will that concerned about relegation?
Could work in their favour Mc as it could have the effect of making them more relaxed about their plight.

From what little I've seen they are more organised and put a lot more effort in than us.

I just don't see them winning many games, whereas we have players to come back that at least give us a chance of picking up points.


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It'll be interesting to see if fatty the gambler pulls the trigger on doubtfire with a couple of weeks until the next game,I'm not holding my breath.

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The players huddle before the start and Fraser's comments afterwards that if we win the next game it will look rosy. Absolute nonsense, I am sick of hearing we must get back on the training ground and work at it. They show no desire, have no leadership, punchless in attack, no creativity in midfield and static in defence. Bruce says they had prepared all week for the challenge, well it did not look like it for a minute. He set out for a draw and the rare possibility of a counter attack goal. Two strikers left on the bench.
I would not rely on Fulham saving us, they have the ability to pick up points, we do not. Three Stooges in charge of the collapsing house of cards