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V Brighton


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Can't pass, can't defend, can't create a chance. Was Bruce not supposed to be a fucking defender? Seriously basic fundamentals lacking. Just handed our relegation rivals the easiest 3 points they'll get all season without a fight. I would honestly pay good money to hear Bruce's tactics and team talk. Useless fucking twat


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2-0 down after 7 minutes and the best thing tactical genius can do is swap flanks with the wingers. One of whom isn't even a winger. Well at least he didn't start with 3 right backs like he did against Blackburn

The Owl

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Well it just shows how bad West Ham were last week because this is embarrassing. Brighton are tearing us to shreds. Defensively we are all over the place, Lascelles cumbersome. The midfield is non existant and slow. The strikers are getting no service. Fraser is a bright spot at least he is having a go. Shelvey a luxury, Hayden invisible, Hendrik nowhere to be seen. This is relegation form. Almiron and Fraser should have started. Bruce looking lost with Ashley looking on.