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uwe rossler

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Surprised to see Fleetwood so close to the trapdoor. In fairness they lost a couple of their best players in cole and bell during the window.

I expect uwe will rock up at another northern club before too long. Apparently Caldwell amongst the favourites to take over the cod. If you want your team to pass it aimlessly around the back, he's your man.

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Heard him on radio Lancashire a few months back and he sounded like he was aware he was on borrowed time then. He stated how he had seen things from the players that he hadn't seen since he started. Sounded very much like unrest all round and he was making sure everyone knew he wasn't to blame. I was a fan of him at Wigan, but there was a lot of talk he upset players here too

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I like rosler but he seems to be his own worst enemy and repeats the same mistakes. I think he's a good short term manager but leave him in post too long and he'll self destruct.