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Usain Bolt


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It was only a matter of time before it popped up on this forum! I’m sure a few people have thought about.... and then thought better of it! I can take the stick though, so here it is!

He’s desperate to find a football club.
He’s had trials / training sessions with Borrusia Dortmund.
He still hasn’t found a club.
He’s playing for World XI for soccer aid tonight.
He’s just neatly tucked one away... but offside.
He’s 6ft plus.
He’s fast as £&@?

Is it worth a punt / offering a trial (depending on wages etc)?
He might not be Bundesliga / Prem quality (or he’d have a club already) but could be perfect at this level.
Would be great for publicity and increasing national (maybe even international) interest further?

It might sound like a surreal post but seriously, what do you think? 😂😂

Rob the Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Just tucked one away...but against who, John Bishop or someone like that? He's only used to running for 9.2 seconds in a day anyway isn't he!


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Kano Smith in disguise!

Somebody will give him a deal but it will be a publicity thing only which we need to keep away from. Billericay or a team of that ilk desperate for some exposure will try something