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US Presidential election


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I'm very intrigued as where it will come out. Every source of information us unknowledgeable folk have is incorrect.

I'm very worried I won't hear about it when the truth does finally come out.


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Everything Mel C has said and predicted over past 18 months has turned out to be true. only the time scale and method of getting there has been different at times, only the alliance know how and when
Is there a list anywhere of who we are allowed to believe? Then who verifies the list? How do we know it's not illuminati controlling through that list too o_O


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Operation Mindfuck.

This is nothing new, it has all been done before.

Previously it was the work of the counter culture and the New Left. This time round it"s the same kind of shit but it's being perpetuated by the populist New Right.

The big difference is that back then the operation (Mindfuck) was reliant upon the underground press and word of mouth. This time round we have the internet...


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Of course, or "you wouldn't believe me if I told you...".

But he has opened himself up now, he has indicated he has told us something which is now coming true. This would be the first time imo
Still waiting for the May predictions to come true. Oh, and some shops will be short on the shelves, which was on the news last week...