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US Presidential election

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
And Biden is dead, and Trump is already in charge of the "real" government.

It doesn't make sense, but it sounds like we will find out the truth shortly, which is good
and when the latest 'truth' and the 'great reset' doesn't happen, these conspiracy theorists don't have an explanation, they just move on to the next level of bullshit don't they!?

Mind you, I would say that, I've had both jabs and have lost my soul. :slap:


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Have the Reptilian overlords being playing in New Hamsphire ?

It seems that now Democrats in Windham, N.H. have complained about an election irregularity.
And they have been proved correct.

Apparently Democrat votes were undercounted by about 125.
This in a town with population 16,000 ( so similar to a UK urban Ward) - where 125 votes might make a difference.

The error was blamed on an AccuVote machine.

So was this difference enough to overturn the result ?
Check this to find out.
next week the result of the recount in the Arizona election will come out, maybe on Trumps birthday 14 June. Then the MSM have their biggest choice to make, do they not report on the result, or do they report it as though they had no idea what has been going on. Should be the start of the process of letting everyone know the truth and how evil the deep state are and have been.
The change of message from Kamala Harris telling people not to attempt to cross the border now. As opposed to all previous messages of open borders. This is because the white hats/American military have told her to do this. And the sudden appearance of Fauchis name in the MSM, an evil man involved in the making of bio weapons. Along with many others including Bill Gates, soro
I have mentioned the new quantum financial system which at present is running alongside the swift financial system. No point in googling it, they have no idea what and how it really works. Forget artificial intelligence think more about consciousness.


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for heavens sake, how many times have I said this. That is not the real Joe Biden. For a start just compare photos of joe Biden 3 years ago and this actor, clone or cgi , completely different. It's all being played out for a reason, all the world leaders, the press . It's a sham
It can't be CGI, that doesn't work in real time. It either has to be an imposter, or the real Joe Biden. It's much more likely to be the real one, you could potentially make someone look like someone else, but all the voice, mannerisms, knowledge etc? That's unlikely imo.
FFS Foxy, keep up will you? 🙄
I'm sorry. Clearly i've not been paying attention.

We should be honoured that such a major news story is being covered on the Gills section of the Vital forum. With all mainstream media compromised (I have this correct, yes??) then i guess we were the only option.

Should we be fearful for our well-being though? Presumably the powers that be will be out to keep this quiet. Do we need to go into hiding? Or will we all start disappearing one by one?

It's a real worry! Keep your guard up and stay safe