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US Presidential election

The pledge

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yes romany the world will be a better place after the deep state have been defeated. We have been treated as slaves by the illuminati, paying tax etc for no reason. If u have been paying money to a major charity for the benefit of Africa, south america etc. etc, then none of your money ever reaches it's intended target. We just add to the fortune of the scum that, up until now, have ruled the world.
it's starting now re quantum financial system, Russia has announced it's going onto the gold standard. Exciting week ahead
Now we come to a subject I have been mentioning for the past few years. The education system. We know that kids have not had any proper education in past 20-30 years. Teacher training, teaching of pupils has been contaminated by the deep state. To produce kids who are brainwashed into believing something that is far from the truth, a generation of spoilt, hard done by, lazy, and often violent kids, who have been let down by the deep state infected education system . let me be clear, the children of today have not had a real education.
One of the first tasks, will be to think about how to reeducate teacher training, teachers and children, so to ensure children get a proper education. How many kids have failed or been killed by the so called education they have received in past 20 years. Thousands I would think

The pledge

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it will start to trickle out in the MSM very soon. Fauchi is spilling the beans after hundreds of emails were obtained. so the truth
1- covid 19 was patented by connections to the Rothschild in 2018 it is a bio weapon coming out of wuhan which is financed by fauchi, gates, soros and the ccp.
2 the vaccine alters your DNA and basically takes away your soul.
Results of the arizona count will probably come out on 14 june, Trumps birthday . It will prove massive election fraud.
The cabal have been able to fix elections for many years through the dominion machinery and other methods. In the uk the vote to leave the EU was 70% they didn't make enough adjustments to the votes, as were taken back by the numbers who wanted to leave , same mistake they made with Hilary clinton not getting enough votes in 2016
Khan lost the Mayor of london Election by a long way
The epstein Maxwell saga will be massive and start to show people how evil the deep state are. With thousands of children tortured and killed for sexual pleasure and adrenochrome.
The Rockefeller family are finished amongst others. There are cures for most diseases, but they have been withheld so the dark state can continue to spread infections then come up with expensive drugs. Hydroxy chlorokin is very cheap to make and destroys most viruses, diseases but was banned because it was cheap.

so so much information. so many evil people.


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I would love to have your thoughts how, mechanistically, any of the current vaccines could alter your DNA.
I'm assuming you mean germ line and not somatic.
Also, I think you mean Hydroxychloroquine the antimalarial.
What do you think might be its mode of action against viruses or do you think it might just modulate the immune system in some way?
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I’m confused. If the vaccine is gonna kill most people anyway then why bother recounting the US election results? Once we’ve all snuffed it then the remaining lot can elect who they want. I presume Pledge will stand.
And Biden is dead, and Trump is already in charge of the "real" government.

It doesn't make sense, but it sounds like we will find out the truth shortly, which is good