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US Politics Thread


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Well the US election will soon be on us, so a thread on the joke/nightmare that is Donald Trump seems appropriate.

Let's start with his wife who seems to have stolen her speech from Mr's Obama. This is going to be a fun and scary election that is for sure.



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God help us if he gets in. It could be worse mind. At least it wont be Boris and Trump. I can see May will enjoy putting this man in his place though if it comes to it

Stephen Jay Hawkings

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Staggering that he could actually be president, and not surprising at the same time. America is fubar.

If it's a choice between him and Hillary Clinton, then I'd have to go for Trump, only because as far as I'm aware, he hasn't had anyone killed yet House of Cards style (the whistleblower involved in the election fraud was found murdered a few weeks ago)

Trump stated that he would wipe out ISIS. Good luck with that, you idiot!!! It's people like Trump that perpetuate it's existence. And how exactly do you wipe out an ideology?



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Hell of alot of people loving and voting for him it seems. It sounds frighteningly like our Brexit vote. No one thought it could happen and yet.......... it did


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gator - 21/7/2016 00:45

Honestly think he will win now.
I'm hoping that he'll have a much harder time winning over the majority of Americans than he has had winning over the racists and the nostalgic vote in the Republican Party.



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kefkat - 20/7/2016 23:46

Hell of alot of people loving and voting for him it seems. It sounds frighteningly like our Brexit vote. No one thought it could happen and yet.......... it did

I'm sorry but it is absolutely nothing like Brexit at all. As someone who voted for Brexit I resent you keep harping on about it just because you didn't like the result. Brexit is a perfectly legitimate political decision for the future of the country. Donald Trump is a cartoon baddie not qualified to be the leader of the free world.

The Fear

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To be fair Wurzel, an awful lot of people were complacent in their arrogance that people wouldn't vote out. I'm (and I think KK) are talking the Cameron's of the world that thought it wouldn't happen so offered the vote to the public. He wouldn't have done it if he'd realised.

I did also see a fair few interviewed who voted out and seemed genuinely shocked in the few days after. 'I didnt' think my vote would count' type of stupidity.

That isn't saying many voted WITH deep thought, like your good self.

Also mate, honestly, I am not sure people are harping on about it, I think it will be a topic of discussion for the entire process of brexit, waiting for the article 50 to be triggered, the negotiations and the actual time of exit.

48% don't like the result dude, that is a hell of a lot of the voting country, so I wouldn't expect us all to not talk about it and have the same fears as we had during the vote.

I hope and pray you are all right OR that the market becomes strong enough not to react because it will be a drip feed of changes.


Not talking for KK (!) but pretty sure she didn't mean you are all raving loons like those who would vote for a raving loon like Trump. Then again, some would have voted for Boris! lol



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Just no J, bringing up Brexit and moaning about it in a completely unreleased thread is not right. There is a thread for that and it should be in there, and the inference is that Trump supporters and Brexit supporters are the same and ignorant and I am getting extremely fucking irritated by that stupid stereotyping. It is nonsensical, and extremely patronising and I will not have it. But while we are on the subject the MAJORITY voted for Brexit, and anecdotal bullshit about how they would or could have voted is irrelevant. It really is time to move the fuck on.

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Fair enough... wrong thread, agreed but it isn't time to move on, it's time to continually discuss and hope that the majority were right mate. We won't move on either side (as the outs seem just as angry about the ins not being happy, I can't imagine it would have been any different the other way around) there is nothing to move on from at the moment, we are on a precipice and no one knows.

As Heslop said, if your party didn't win in an election, you won't just sit there for 5 years saying nothing, your opinion will still be your opinion.

It isn't a case of moving on mate, it hasn't even started yet.

But yes, wrong thread.

I do think that everyone kept saying Trump would never and could never happen.

It's happening.

And if Clinton gets in, I'm not sure they have much better either.

Another country with another clusterfuck of a mess.

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(but I get your point as to not wanting to be compared to one of the dim twats who votes for Trump btw, same as a lot of outers didn't take very kindly to Farage and his tactics and even the out party ostracised him !)


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I simply meant it as a comparison. No one really expected Brexit to happen. No one could have envisaged that Trump could win. After Brexit happened which no one not even the leave campaigners thought would happen it is the same as I see it as Trump. No one thought he could be in line to be the next President.

I am certainly not stating all who voted out are stupid, whatever you think Wurzel. No I dont like the brexit, however bringing it up does not mean I am moaning about it. It IS what is happening in our society and IMO is relevant to what I was saying re the unbelievable happening

I feel the Brexiters are defensive whenever a Bremainer brings up the vote. Please people dont take my itinerary and ask me first rather than assuming
Well said KK.

Some people seem a little bit over-sensitive about the Brexit issue, not least those who voted out.

I agree with you re the was inconceivable at the start that Trump would be in this position, and yet here we are. The same applies to Brexit, and to the Conservatives winning an outright majority at the last election.

You would think the American population at large won't do the unthinkable and actually put him in the White House, but on recent evidence, there really is no way of knowing for sure what an electorate will do when standing over their ballot papers!