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Updates you would like to see on Vital

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Like will be on front page comments.

Not sure I forum, the coding is a pain.

Won't do dislike.

Mobile version some point next year, expensive to get it sorted for the network and we have to work with our advertisers to make sure it doesn't impact contracts and income as the split could be 50/50 mobile to desktop now.

Can't see issue on tablets though.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Lol, I can remember the first mobile I saw. Girl walked into a wine bar in Mere Green with this strange contraption, a phone then a massive battery pack that also had to be carried. We were crying we laughed so hard, it was nearly the size of a pay phone!!!

Technology really has changed out of sight hasn't it? Amazing really.


I would like to see all Vital members forced to have similar profile pictures next to there names as EL Cid's noe that would be nice :17:


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Laptop/PC and tablet are fine on Vital. Windows mobile is a bit of a pain to use on VV.

I remember the 1st brick mobiles out. We had 1 with the ex. He was working away alot and. OMG did we get some sarcy abuse over it. Posh knobs that sort of stuff. LOL


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It freezes up a lot and runs very slow on my iPhone 4S at times. Is there a cause for that and can it be fixed?

And I have noticed that the time on the site is often wrong - the time showed when someone posts can be over 5 minutes ahead of the actual time