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Unreserved apologies


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To all visitors on this site who have taken offence to, been shocked by, been at issue with, are perpetually bored by all my previous posts or will be at any in the future. I apologise whole heartedly.
And a special apology to Wayne for EVER having asserted, implied or said outright that Saint Cody is, was or has been past it.


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F*ck me Phil. Who do you think you are?

When it comes to boring posters, you ain't even close to the top 20.

Stop bigging yourself up:lol:
Not had an invitation to do that programme yet. Still waiting for the call. Trouble is I'd spend the whole hour talking about the importance of our team to me throughout my life and the lives of my ancestors.

It might be an old wives' tale but it is said that in 1345 in a Gills versus Celts cuptie on The Lines my ancestor had a rock solid appeal for a penalty turned down on the grounds that he was dead after sustaining an axe blow to the head immediately after appealing.