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Underpaid Train Drivers


Vital Youth Team
This strike isn't just about drivers, it's about platform staff, cleaners, guards, ticket office staff etc and not all drivers are in the RMT but are off work because of signal staff and guards being off.
Instead of falling for Johnson's divide and conquer tactics pitting worker against worker we should be right behind this strike.
As the saying goes "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing"
Although I appreciate the need to have trade unions, their leadership over the years has done a lot to turn much of the public against them. But I have to admit that Mick Lynch is playing an absolute blinder when he's being interviewed on TV.
It is tax payers money that Johnson wants to give to his wife

Its is tax payers money that was diverted to Tory supporters when they sold PPE at inflated prices, benefitting from government controlled VIP supplier channels.
Matt Hancock's landlord, anyone?
Michelle Georgina Mone, Baroness Mone, OBE, anyone?
The Tories are using train drivers pay to demonise the strike and while they do have a good salary they have a very responsible job with the lives of hundreds of people in their hands at any one time but they are not paid as much as MPs and they are not the ones on strike it's the signalmen, platform staff etc.
On another point, if workers are going to be given highly paid highly skilled jobs who is going to do the lower paid, lower skilled jobs?


Vital 1st Team Regular
Times change and the railways need to. Don’t know how many agency staff they use now would think it’s a lot. As we used to employ loads for weekend work. A lot of staff on the railway used to sat on there arses. In the week time. Because the majority of the work was done at weekend. Times change and safety changes.