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UK police on freebie to Portugal to continue McCann farce


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Now we are paying for UK police to go on a freebie to Portugal to "investigate" the disappearance of the McCann child who, lets remember , was left on her own whilst her parents went off boozing.
Had this been a council house family we would be baying for them to be hung for child neglect
This couple make me sick.

Prosecute the parents for neglect.


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Someone, I can't remember who, did try to bring a case of prosecution against them back in 2007 but it didn't happen.

I don't believe they had anything to do with it however they made a massive mistake they have to live with which are their consequences. Yes I agree that a council house family etc would have been hung drawn and quartered


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Bizarre, this kid was almost certainly buried within a fortnight of her 'disappearance'

Ironically, had they not gone all tv media on it, she may still be alive working as a 2 bit hooker in morocco right now.



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Why can't they just make the parents do a lie detector test?

have some special forces guys kidnapp them, drug them and get the truth out of them and then pass that info back.

would save us a fortune and we'd know if we're wasting our time searching and looking for the abductors!