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Conor McGregor was the world's highest-paid athlete over the last year ahead of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the annual Forbes list.

During the 12-month period ending May 1, 2021, Irish MMA fighter McGregor earned $180m (£128m), a figure which Forbes said includes $158m (£112m) from endorsements and the recent sale of the majority stake of his whiskey brand.

He made just $22m (£15m) inside the Octagon - McGregor lost his rematch against Dustin Poirier in January this year in Abu Dhabi.

He might be washed up as a fighter but he knows how to make money. When he started MMA fellas were getting $50k per fight.

The Fear

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That was an insane card.

Can't help but love Nate can you!? But the Brummie Leon marches on, got to get a shot at the title surely.

Great for Moreno, he was a different class.

Crap effort by Vettori, that was a pretty thick attempt!


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Yeah nate certainly is a character. Got an insane chin and cardio. If the fights were all to the death he would be the only one standing.
Edwards won't get next title shot. Dana has said Colby is next in line so Leon will have to wait or fight Jorge maybe. Leon did really well. Apart from the wobble in the last round he totally outclassed Nate. Impressed.
Moreno. Jesus. Can you believe he was released from UFC not long back. What a come back. Seems such a top lad also. Dominating performance.
Izzy totally outclassed vettori and yes you are bang on... Pathetic effort from him.
Was a great card. Some great fighters on show. Loved it.


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McGregor is a top draw idiot.
He has gone back to his dark side. But not even funny. Just very sad. Pathetic attempt at getting in Dustin's head.
I hope Dustin knocks him out very quickly. Or maybe just 5 rounds of pain.
I think McGregor will come out fast and revert back to his karate stance and unorthodox style with flashy kicks in the first few minutes. Then he will gas out. Dustin will take him down. And then the end is Nye.
That's how I see it panning out.
I do think Connor will catch him with something a hurt him in the first. But Dustin is an absolute beast now and I am sure he can battle through it. But I think there will be a 30 second spell in the first where Dustin looks in danger. I can picture that.
Come on Dustin.

The Fear

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Yes, I kept trying with him, but he's a bum. Fine, well done, made a fortune, the world seems to like a clown, but whereas he could have been an absolute master he just turned into a ******.

Hope luck isn't on his side. Dustin as CDX says, seems to be top drawer and as you say, is a beast.


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Watching the press conference... So McGregor strolls around the stage getting into Dustin's space... Taking things that don't belong to him etc. Dustin stays in same spot. Doesn't move.
Yet Dana is holding Dustin back????

They square off.... McGregor kicks out... Guess who gets held back.... Yep the innocent and respectful Dustin.

Please Dustin... Please please please win this. Violently.

As a side note... In the weigh ins Connor has really toned down the muscle mass. Which hints at we are going to see same tactics as the first fight with Dustin.
I'm not a betting man but if I were I would say the first attack thrown would be a spinning kick from McGregor.


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Spoiler alert in this post......

So remind me mctap... Who's leaving on a stretcher? Karma is a bitch isn't it.
All this nonsense talk. All this nasty, vile, gobshittery finally come back to rear naked choke him.
Looks like Dustin was right. He must of damaged ankle when dustin checked a heavy kick then landing strange just popped it right out. Or broke it properly.
Ankle or no ankle... McGregor was getting knocked the fuck out if fight continued.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Totally agree, he was taking a good old beating, some good elbows from the floor, fine, but Dustin was unlucky he didn't have a few more seconds really, Herb Dean was getting ever closer to them, so was considering stopping it.

The wonderboy performance was disappointing. Didn't see any of the others.

Got the prelims recorded to watch in a bit.