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The Fear

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meh, hate it!

Doesn't help the thread much that though does it! lol I have the Vital Villa one, prep runs. I also have one to just follow press etc for anything useful for the site, but I don't get twitter, think it is awful!


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its not too bad mate. I used it a lot to gain followers before i done my charity climb and most people on there sposored me between £2 and £5. Also JG and froggy sposored me which was nice. Now i just use it to be nosey and follow footballers etc.


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Tried it once, couldn't get on with it, would end up just having slanging matches with people lol, have enough of that on here........


One Bloody Number
I also hate it.

Never tried it, but for me it just seems like Heat or Grazia magazine online.

I really couldn't give a flying fcuk what celebrities are up to. Celebrity culture bothers me not one jot.


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I tried Twitter for a few months. After 100 posts I had six followers, and two of those were family and the others were people who followed me only because I followed them. If I 'unfollowed' someone, they would unfollow me.

A completely vain, pointless exercise. I can understand why celebs or people in the media do it to get news from others, but for normal people? Even the few teenagers I know think it's stupid.

Bikini Inspector

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Can't be doing with twitter. From what i can see the vast majority of it is celebrities, wannabe celebrities and people trying to get attention from celebrities. The rest is made up of left wing hate mobs whining about Margret Thatcher.

Juan Mourep

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Green Villan - 20/1/2014 17:34

Juan Mourep - 20/1/2014 17:27

What is it good for?
For giving politicians and shit celebrities stick, oh and winding Joey Barton up.

I set you up for the "absolutely nothing" with the "say it again" response and what do I get?

Just not good enough. :21:



I use it to leave footballers I like well wishes and I had to tell Sepp Bladder what an idiot he was about not allowing GLT when the goal went against England and to pull James Nursey on blaming fans, other than that it's for idiot celebrities to tell you what they had for breakfast.


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I dont use it that much it doesnt have many uses for me to be quite honest... Its decent at the weekend if Im not near TV for a game but I have BBC app and the Vital App (I still have got my advertising fee fear?) now so its becoming less and less useful...


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You don't start experiencing twitter until you stop following the celebs

Follow people with same interests to you, speak to them, follow them if they interest you and they will you.

The people that do the whole follow for a follow back and retweeting endless tweets to gain followers is what ruins it for me but you hardly see that any more or at least I don't because I only follow people that entertain me.

There are a few good celebs that's worth a follow but you'll see them retweeted enough that you don't have to follow them yourself.

Piers Morgan is always being abused by Alan Sugar, Gary Linekar, Michael Owen, Joey Barton... It's endless and good comedy value


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I am not a Twitter fan even though I am on it. Follow a few football commentators and footballers and 1 or 2 other likes. I use it for comping (competitions) as many are posted on their. Granted I have found out about some useful companies I wouldn't have known about without Twitter. I am sure I would have come accross them at some stage in another way.

Average on is 40 which includes family friends, football related, NCIS related and some brands I like. Other than the followers go up and down as and when comps have finished.

I doubt I would bother with Twitter if it wasn't for comping. Never did before I started comping again

Twitter is a very celeb site. Much prefer FB as I can control who is on my list and use the privacy services etc.


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People don't like twitter because they don't understand it.

You can control who you follow, who follows you on twitter. Lock your account and you vet any follow requests, it's the same as Facebook.

Difference is you're open to the world and can search subjects that interest you and meet and talk to people all over the world.

Facebook you're stuck with the boring people in your life. Lol