Tshibola Ditched By MK Dons - Is There A Way Back At Villa?


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A tweet by MK Dons has confirmed that they have cut short the loan spell of Aaron Tshibola.

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Not surprised at all. Young and athletic with no football brains. Application and attitude seem to be an issue at MK Dons. Vastly overrated in my opinion and now it seems he has the viewpoint that he’s better than he is.... believe he was Clark’s recruit when RDM and he were spending silly money at the start of Dr X’s ownership...

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Shame, I've tweeted to him (I'm so modern!) not to let the setback defeat him, it's not how many times you get knocked down that counts, it's how many times you get back up.

He can still build a career.


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Thought getting him was a good move, one for the future; he seemed well thought of at Reading. The few outings he had with us there were some good signs, as well as signs of inexperience not helped by a team still finding its feet.

I'd like us to support him and see how he develops. We need midfielders with youth and speed on their side; our current midfield has too many oil-tankers to cut it in the PL.

Not sure Bruce sees it that way, unfortunately. Lyden isn't getting a look in and not sure Tshibola would.
Young lads earning several grand a week , it goes to their heads Even 5k a week is a bloody fortune , why would some of them think they had to work for it ? Some will make it some will take the money and do feck all for it . It's like it in all jobs and trades . I expect Tosh fall into that category

I have a Material handler works for me on 34k a year , lazy barsteward would be on minimum wage anywhere else , he has no appreciation of just how well paid he is for what is basically occasionally driving a fork lift and moving a few parts about.



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Think he cost around £4m and at the time had only played about 10 games in the championship, and around 20 further games on loan at Hartlepool or something

Seems like the transfer was an "impulse buy" and was poorly thought through. To think we spent around £20m in total on him, Gollini and McCormack.. what a waste of money
Steve Clarke recommended him from his time at Reading I think.

I8 thought he did ok at times but as with young players you get inconsistency and money in your pocket. As JF said its about how he deals with the knock backs that will make or break him


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Thought he was our best midfielder in the early part of last season, not a particularly difficult thing when the competition is Westwood, Gardner and a half injured Jedinak though. Thought he was unlucky when Bruce ditched him as soon as he arrived without ever really giving him a chance.

He has to take a long hard look at himself and ask why this has happened. He can either work his bollocks off and impress in the reserves or let his career fade away. I hope its the former as there definitely something there.
He was always rubbish wasn't he? Even when we signed him I think he was mainly a sub for Reading, and never looked the part for us.

Very bizzare transfer of the Jordan Bowery mould.


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I was at Bouldings 1 game in a villa shirt. Intertoto cup game. The guy looked way out of his depth, though he did actually score with one of the few touches of the ball he had. Got hooked at half time never to be seen again in claret and blue. At least we go him on a free.


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DeanoVilla - 10/11/2017 08:08

He was always rubbish wasn't he? Even when we signed him I think he was mainly a sub for Reading, and never looked the part for us.

Very bizzare transfer of the Jordan Bowery mould.
Honestly I thought we'd got a bargain after seeing him in the early part of last season. Again it's not hard to look decent when you're standing next to Ashley Westwood in midfield but I thought he was one of the few bright sparks under RDM.


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Looked decent when we played Tottenham away in the cup last season, needs to sort himself out of the pitch which should in turn make him a good player on it. Dele Ali was spotted at MK Dons, you’d have thought that might’ve crossed his mind.


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I think it is pretty obvious that this kid has got real issues.

Whether that is

A) attitude
B) Physical
C) Mental

I suppose only he and the club know.

However, from what I have seen, there is a player in there somewhere. He seems to have all tge attributes of an Ian Taylor if he can get his head out of his backside long enough to realise it.

I would give him another go. Tell him it is day 1. He could be that link we are missing (then again, the same could be said of Richards !)

Too young and too soon to just ditch him. We did that with Luke Moore, who then had a number of successful years in the Prem.

There are too many of these at the Villa for it to be the player's issue.

I also think its worth pointing out that this time ladt year, Stevenage told Kienan Davies he wasnt good enough.