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Trump Impeached...


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So, overnight the big news is that President Trump has been Impeached for his conduct. Democrats everywhere celebrate, but this is a hollow victory, and may be entirely self-defeating.

Ever since that night when the unthinkable happened, and the stupid American voters voted for Trump, the democrats have been outraged that such a thing could possibly happen. Now Trump is enough to keep a team of psychiatrists busy for months, he is a dreadful person, and a terrible narcissist, but what the Democrats have failed to understand is that Trump is more in tune with the daily issues of a majority of voters than they are.

Rather than ride out his presidency and come back with a coherent set of policies and plans, they have set out on attacking Trump at every turn, culminating with the impreachment vote overnight. Cue celebrations and much back-slapping. But these are the problems. First, the vote has to be ratified by Congress. Republicans hold a majority, and will vote this down. Nothing will ever happen, and Trump will stay in office.

Secondly, for Republican voters who have been told endlessly about the attack on their democratic choice of the people by the Democrats. When he wins in Congress, as he will, this just proves that they are vindictive and trying to kick out their guy undemocratically. It is preaching to the choir, as Labour has just tried in the UK, convincing themselves that they have the answer only to find the stupid voters don't want it.

For a nation that has so many people paranoid about the role of federal government its manna from heaven, and only strenghtens Trumps position. There is a long line of republicans who believe what Trump believes, try listening to Mike Pence and the others. They're a reality I don't recognise, all powered by the love of God and Jesus Christ, but they are next in the queue. If you think Trump is the maddest of them all, then you have a difficult realisation to come.

The Democrats could not believe that enough people were stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump. They still can't, but democracy, so I'm finding, is a strange creature. It never gets the answer wrong, and although it might appear to be dead, it has a habit of coming alive just when its needed.
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Americans are fucking idiots
Convinced that holding a gun keep the peace.
Convinced that dropping bombs on people you dont agree with keeps the peace.
More presidents assassinated or shot than most tinpot Third World nations.
The only country to ever use a WMD but think they are the authority on who should be allowed to develop this kind of power.
And either kills to Americanise the world or Kentucky Fried Chickens its allies to Americanise them.

The Islamic world has it spot on.
As Satan is an ideal, not actually a little red man with a tail, horns and a trident,
they are Satan