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Transfers - Summer 2021

Bolshie Budgie

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Does any fan really think that at this moment that the Smiffs are already planning to spend £60m to £80m on 5 or 6 Prem quality players to keep us in the Prem .... because that is the minimum that will be required
BB's master plan for 2020 - 2021 if we are promoted

£16.9m = £8m Gibson + £6.2m GI. + £2.7m Q funded from the sale
of Godfrey and Lewis

£2m to cover the costs of Skipp in the Prem for a season

£35m from the sale of AIRons to be recycled into a new RB, RCB (with
pace), another DM/CM and a CAM.

£10m from Prem revenues to help buy the 4 mentioned just above

TOTAL £63.9m.

The owners dont have to fund anything and can then say they gave it a go!

If only we had owners who could lend the club £50m to £100m to buy some good players we could build a team without having to lose our good young players.
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Bolshie Budgie

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I see that Famewo has picked up another injury. I was thinking he might be the next one to step up and challenge the central defenders in the 1st team but I think this season has shown that he is very injury prone and the step up might be too much.
Famewo has got a tight hamstring and Bowyer the Charlton manager was being cautious:

'Lee Bowyer explained the decision to rest Famewo, who could be back in the side as early as Saturday. He said: “Akin’s hamstring was tight towards the end of the game on the weekend. It’s too much of a risk to play him tonight. The right thing to do is to take him out for one rather than lose him for six or seven. He’s done really well since he’s come back into the side, but we couldn’t risk it.”

Source: Charltons website

I wouldnt say Famewo is very injury prone. May be brought back into the team in December (?) 2020 too early?? He had played some first team games recently but Charlton have now learnt to be careful with him.
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FY, that was before we showed him how good we are. Now he could see how a loan of a second or third tier player would help us both.



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Sounds like we are trying to get Skipp back on loan. Cant see a second loan for the same position as the lending club wants the player played
I hope so, but reports today seem to suggest that spurs are going to keep Skipp and have a look at him closer and get him involved with the first team.