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Transfers - Summer 2021


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Pukki needs at least 3 good chances to score one goal in championship.
In premier league without Emi he will do well to get to double figures.
Never mind we have Hugill to take over !! FFS
We don't seem to learn. Pukki had a good start to prem but was so bad in second half yet here we go again with DF saying he is the main forward and we will not be looking to sign a new one.


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33m now saying on sky, ffs really? Only norwich sell on the cheap, rising to 40m if hes scores a million goals and gets 400 argie caps probably
The thing is club a like Bournemouth will ask for 30+ for danjuma and we will not spend that plus clubs like Leicester are in for him so we have no chance, Wba have set an asking price of 15 million for Matheus Pereira so I'd say offer around that as we have the money, right? But we won't be able to offer the wages that Leeds will be able to, so I can't see that happening if it does then great. I think it will be a left field signing who we don't know or knowing norwich a loan player who can also play right back.

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Someone has put a picture up of Skipp in norwich viewing properties with his girlfriend. So is he on his way back to us?
Cant see it with spurs without a manager yet, plus conte allegedly turned spurs down as he didnt want to work with a lot of young talent spurs have so that tells me levy wants to give players like skipp a go

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Yep and when they go we will have tom the guy who isn't rich he was doing a civil servant job probs on 40k a year....scary times. I do think the plan is for Tom to sell and pocket the money so maybe that will be when times change but knowing Delia she'll put in the Will/contract that he can't sell
Thats what i fear...that .this club will be locked in this state for ever.


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BB. I hope that this is true.
So do I. Can they still come In for him when he has agreed terms with villa? Didnt crook do that with Ipswich then decided against signing for them even after photos of him in Ipswich kit appeared and he came back to us?

I'd think a move to arsenal would be more up his street. 40 million plus 4 million add ons...that sounds better.


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Someone has put a picture up of Skipp in norwich viewing properties with his girlfriend. So is he on his way back to us?
Controversial opinion but IF City sign Skipp permanently and replace Emi with Pereira from WBA, I’d say that’s good business. Especially if Skipp is somewhere around the £10m mark. Emi struggled to score goals in our poor PL side, while Pereira scored 11 times, which is pretty much what Pukki managed.

Emi will have been promised a move and so almost certainly would Aarons. Emi has been training with Messi - I don’t want to sound like little old Norwich but at this time, we cant offer him a project to Champions League football. I suspect that Villa are going to get better and better in the coming years due to their billionaire owners. We’re a long way off that and Emi and Max etc will be ambitious for their own careers. Sad but true.