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Transfer fiasco,


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Is it going to be another transfer sham Dan james all over again, fact is we need a proven striker and fast , if beilsa as targeted che Adams then go all out to get him instead of half hearted offers ,same similar figures to theJames deal, . Looks like only way to get Adams is wack in a good and respectable offer even put up the full transfer price if that’s what it takes ,..Throwing away promotion last season was heartbreaking, and I would hate us to follow the same pattern this year ,”this is the season sh*t or bust “.


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Looks like Adams deal is dead. You're right it would be a disaster if we miss out again for the sake of one decent goal scorer signing. Not sure who else is available apart from Gayle and Sharp. Both could possibly be the fox in the box we need. Although recent results have hit the confidence a bit the next 3 games are definite winnable but also games that historically don't go our way. Time for the boys to prove we're not falling apart again.


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Trouble is that everyone knows we need to get one in, so all the cards are with the clubs releasing or selling and therefore the demands are probably absurd, even for an average player.