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Transfer deadline day


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The longer it goes the less likely it becomes of us signing anybody IMO but while there's still time there's still hope.

Agree we might have a very pissed off SE (certainly behind closed doors) if we don't get anyone in.


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Twitter is quiet apart from Gills fans begging the club for an 'Incoming!' post.
A few hours left. Let's hope the phones are busy.


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To be honest, I'd like to get players that fit the bill of one or more of Evans' proposed in-coming transfers/loans, but I'll be more than happy to see no inward action if we can keep our key players - particularly Graham, Dempsey, Tucker and Ogilvie.


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Twitter talk that we're vying with Plymouth to sign Bristol City midfielder James Morton on loan. His record doesn't exactly excite...


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Is he out of contract in the summer ? Might be worth sounding him out on whether he would consider a new deal. If not then at what price would you say yes? £500K ? 400K? 300K?
It all depends on whether we've got a replacement lined up. If we haven't got a quality replacement lined up (and given Graham's showing this season, he'd have to be bloody good), I don't think we should consider anything other than a ridiculous offer.


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Anyone else given up hope? I know there’s still time, but given our record on deadline day I think we might be disappointed