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Top tens?

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Anyone got any top tens? Top ten midfielders, top ten favourite players, top ten best players to face Villa, top ten favourite grounds, top ten players from the 90's, top ten strikers etc etc Want to do some gallery articles and so thought I'd turn it to a debate, especially as my addled mind isn't so good at recalling things these days.


Vital 1st Team Regular
1. Sherbert fountain.
2. Curly wurly.
3. Refreshers.
4. Tip top.
5. 99.
6. Packet of snaps.
7. Texan bar.
8. Scratchings from the chippy.
9. Pannini sticker book 1979.
10. R whites lemonade.


The Shackles Are Off!
Top Ten people who left and then for some reason decided to alienate the club and fans by their action/words when leaving:
1. Hodge
2. Delph
3. Yorke
4. Barry
5. McMahon
6. O’Leary
7. Gardner
8. Gardner
9. Sealey
10. Platt