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Top Gear aimed at people with mental age of 9, says producer



I agree, and already on series link :17:


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I used to really enjoy it but have tuned out as it got more and more repetitive and silly. Also found the 'oh look how un-PC we are' shtick became really contrived.

hmmm, maybe my mental age went up to 10?

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Look at 4pope, he's all grown up!!!!!!!!! lol Yeah, his shock jock stuff isn't shocking any more.

I do still like looking at the cars though!



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I like Top Gear, some of it is funny; the best bits are when they still test out the cars but in an interesting/ unconventional way like driving across Europe/ USA/ rain forest etc. Although yes some of the stuff is like WTF - when they are trying to be too silly and it just comes across idiotic and it probably is funny to 9 year olds...


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never liked it, dont really like clarkson and that rat on there. Though i dont mind James may and started watching his own programme for a bit. But top gear can bog off

The Fear

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Lol 4pope

Anyway, I like the programme so ner ner ner ner

:89: :89: :89:

Which probably proves their point really!!


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I like the location stuff like when they went to India or through Vietnam.

The actual car talk is shit though. Anybody who discusses the size of engines, horsepower, over steer or any of that shite, clearly has issues with the size of their cock.

I know people who hate top gear nowadays because they dont talk about the cars and technical stuff like they used to, because they've tried to target a wider audience. All these people who I know, moaning about it, have small peckers.

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9?....... that's bollocks, I'm at least 13!

They're just big kids, you don't take it too seriously but it's brilliant! The specials, India , Vietnam, America.

Actually, it was the Vietnam special that encouraged me to visit Vietnam and it was the best month of my travels. Hopefully I can get back there again sometime next year.

This is one of my favourite programs on TV. I just love the fact it isn't serious. I'll never ever own any of the cars they test, but that's sort of the point. All the other stuff is just the sort of thing I would love to get paid to do.