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Kev. I totally agree. I never want to hear the ridiculous comment about top 26 from the club ever again.
Its the same old comment from me but as long as the Selfish Smiths remain owners ( they are not caretakers ) we will never aim at top 10.
With a good and wealthier owner installed a few years ago we could not guarantee remaining in premier league but we would have a 2 tier city stand and be able to retain players such as JM and BG for longer and sign up better players to help us push forward.
We have the base, but the owners are old, stuck in the 70 's, unambitious, have no need for receiving millions by selling and will stay here forever.

I am lucky as have seen the successful premier league days and the one year in europe but the younger fans are being deprived of this due to Smiffs considering clinging on to ownership being more important than the club being successful.

Like all fans I am desperately wanting us to win every game this season and get promotion hopefully as champions but the harsh reality ( reinforced by Smiffs latest demoralizing interview ) is that we will still sell Aarons (and maybe Emi ) and lose Skipp and replace them with what we already have and sign maybe another loan player or 2 and several U23 's for the future.
The plan to not buy good players will inevitably lead to another embarrassing relegation season.

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the Smiths and their top 26 are pathetic l They have sold Godfrey and Jamal and now the Smiths reckon we should be proud to watch them play for someone else . What a joke thing to say and what a total lack of ambition by the Decrepid Duo. Now the Smiths are trying to sell Arrons , and if they want more money so they can remain as owners they will sell our Emi next . Their ambition is zero


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I have been trying to think of a music analogy where a band are happy to be in top 30 and appear on TOTP ( yes I am old ) but no ambition to reach number 1 even though there can be such a thing as a one hit wonder ( Leicester ).

I turned my thoughts to Pink Floyd and imagine the record company EMI Harvest thinking that they would be happy with number 26 in album chart so released Gilmour and Waters to a larger label to record Dark Side.
This goes on to be one of the most successful albums in history whilst EMI Harvest concentrate on getting Singalong with Max to number 26.

How bad does that sound but its not much different to the Smiffs approach.