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Oh I can always dream! It's one of the few things I'm actually good at!
MF - the good thing is that just now and again the good ones come true. Sadly our great club had 3 nightmares too many and subsequently finished 4th instead of second and the flak is well and truly flying around now...... tbc.


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I'd honestly love it to happen. I'd ban all players playing for the clubs competing in the "super" league from representing their national team and block the clubs from ever returning to their actual Fa's if it all goes tits up then just let them get on with it.

See how many of these international premier league fans will still be loving arsenal, spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and utd when they're cannon fodder for the Madrids, Barcelona and PSG. All that would happen is that Real and Barca would eventually argue that they are the ones in the super league people tune in to see and they deserve the lions share of the profits. Then they could form their own super league where its just 38 classicos.
The whole idea of a superleague is bollocks, games would be played all over the world, lifelong fans would be treated with contempt. Fifa, Uefa .... get real will you. Oh God - I could write volumes on this, the people in charge are just so .... guess the rest


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We were briefly discussed in parliament, Labour Deputy leader Tom Watson seeking govt assurances that Aston Villa be given time by HMRC. The shame of it.

This payment, in reality, has bought us a month. What happens when our scheduled payments, wages and tax liabilities are not met in June? Where does the money come from then?

I cant see the Chinese ruling party suddenly changing their mind, in the middle of a trade war, and Tone is risking possible imprisonment and requisition of his assets if he makes any noise.

This is an authoritarian dictatorship. (Celebrated rebel artist Ai Wei Wei describes Xi Ping and his political cronies as gangsters.) Your money is only your money until you are told other wise.

What beggars belief is the amateurish casino style contracting and transfer dealings. We have not learned have we? Risking it all, all over again, in a high risk fiscal speculation. No corporate strategy or forward planning. Splurging on contracts, without and financial sense in a boom and bust cycle, like putting the house on black, as though being in the premier league is a right.
Like I have said before, those in charge were relying [aka gambling, aka expecting] on promotion and you know who didn't deliver - loads of stupid contracts dished out - all or nothing it seems.


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My view
He gambled it all on a return to the prem . Cost him only finance charges . If we made it he flips at big profit .
He lost the gamble and is now fucked .
I'm not sure he has paid Lerner fully yet either .
This should never be happening to this club or institution but it has , wider debate , house of Fraser , JLR, etc etc
Country is fucked up
So where does that leave the FA 'The Owners’ and Directors’ Test ' strategy?

Cheshire Villan

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Yes. I'm angry now.

Since the play offs its been a bit like being dumped for another bloke by the best looking girlfriend you are ever going to have.

First you are upset (Wembley)

Then you are in denial. You think everything is going to be ok and you will get back together but deep down you have that bad feeling and you know its over (Wembley until tax gate this week)

Anger. Reality comes, its over, you aint never going to to get back, done dusted. Its unfair to be treated like this, done nothing wrong!!!!. (Post tax gate and including Dr Twats statement today)
With you all the way. This week has been more distracting than the lead up to Wembley. The Villa are the one constant running through my whole time on the planet. I'm looking for as many positives as I can like us all. I'm sure we won't fold but the repercussions could take 10-15 years to put right. Jeeze I thought I was bad at running my finances.


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Had to explain our predicament to my two young sons last night after the usual ribbing at school. My youngest who is 11 said its OK Dad we are Aston Villa, my 13 year old just grunted. Brought a tear to my eye.
Read all of this thread and got angry then calm again. Definitely think Xia is a snake oil salesman though and needs get off the horse as soon as he can

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Give your 11 year old a high five from me OVB. Wise words. The villa is and always be ours. :utv: and so as not to be selective, the dear lad needs a high five as well!!

Welcome to the forum.
I have looked on companies house and have found the following:

Recon Football Ltd is the old aston villa limited (i.e. the actual football club), and is owned by Recon Sports Ltd (a holding company which was previously owned by Lerner under a different company name). This in turn is owned by Recon Group UK ltd (another holding company), which was set up when in May 2016, around the time Villa was bought.

It appears Recon Group UK ltd only has 1 shareholder; Recon Group Ltd, which is not on companies house, so this might be a foreign company and I would guess it could be another translation of the company mentioned in annual accounts for 2017 as the ultimate holding company, Zhejiang Riukang (Recon) Investment Co Ltd.

So Recon is the entity that owns us, but it is unclear how much ownership Xia has on the master Recon company. If Xia did own us directly I would imagine it would be shown on the official records - although Xia is listed a person with significant control (direct or indirect) of 75% or more of the voting rights and ownership - so must be the main guy at some point down the line.
Found it it’s an HK company...not sure how to find the shareholders

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Good find Hifriedelity. I've held off any articles on all this stuff as there seem so many different views and reports flying around. I didn't want to fan any flames or make any mistakes!
Good find Hifriedelity. I've held off any articles on all this stuff as there seem so many different views and reports flying around. I didn't want to fan any flames or make any mistakes!
Well I still can’t be sure who the shareholders are but it is unlikely that a company would have a subsidiary that ultimately owns Villa with only one director. It’s probable that the sole director is the shareholder. Oddly the hk companies house don’t seem to provide shareholder info but I may be wrong.

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Good stuff there. It shouldn't come to the fans digging around trying to find this stuff out to be honest. Anyway it looks like he wants to keep the club and if he can find the cash to somehow keep us going and give us a decent shout next season then fair enough. It's all getting silly and if he is staying then he needs to show leadership and settle it down.


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Are these the people who also own 20% of New York City FC? They wouldn't even need to buy us; a 20% stake in Villa would solve the cash flow business, and a partnership with Xia could work pretty well.

Hope you're saying nice things about us ...
No Freund doesnt have any stake in NYCFC, but he did buy a USL (the league below MLS) team in Memphis. I believe (not positive so dont hang me if wrong) its just Hal Steinbrenner who has a stake in NYCFC.

Ive told him, you know given the success and widespread love across all Villa faithful of American marketer Tom Fox as past CEO, that he should make me CEO. So we will see how that goes.

As far as what Ive told him about you lot, well nothing really, I dont want to put him off of Villa and ruin my CEO promotion chances
Good article about us in the Daily Mirror today.

Nothing new in it but it neatly puts the tradition of the club.

With respect to the many worthy clubs who have suffered financial trauma, this is Aston Villa we are talking about. An institution.
Never mind the Big Six, Aston Villa were part of the only Big Whatever that matters. The Big Twelve, the founding fathers of the Football League.


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Dr Tone, in his bunker in Beijing, trying to get liability assurance for his exciting dinosaur theme park.

"Forget Vill Park, have island off Costa Rica. Big attractions. Big money. All safe."
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