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tonights matches


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Of course they will !

That is if staying in the premier league involves not buying quality players,
buying young players for following season in championship, releasing cringing home made videos and selling our best players.


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It was a lovely goal.

Did we not give him enough time on the pitch and maybe should have stated him more when pukki was injured/off form?

I think he has like 6 goals in 11 games in German league.

I just don't think he fit our system which is strange as you'd think df Webber would know the players who do.

In Germany he is and put and put forward for us he was used as an attacking midfielder and on the wing


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I think we should have given him a chance. I think he also would've have fit our system, he worked hard and put himself about plus gave us more of a physical presence.
I'm glad it's going well for him as he always seemed to have a good attitude.


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f t 4 2 :grinning:

Just imaging what Kenneth Wolstenholme's commentary would have been in greedy premier league coronavirus lock down times ?

' Some people are in the stands, they think proper football is all over.
it is for now '


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And Let's hope wolves beat West ham. I just want other clubs to feel disappointed like I am. Villa got a point when they shouldn't have and Watford scored a last minute goal to pick up a vital point.