Toney back to Newcastle

jeffs right

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Should have called him back before Christmas and we may have beaten Shrewesbury and Bournemouth if Grigg had still been on the field and had those chances.



Fantastic news, maybe Cook will stop pissing about with our leading scorers!

Made up with that. :wave:


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TRUE BELIEVER - 10/1/2018 16:43

Recalled according to the press as Rafa wants him to get more game time,
He'll be out on loan within the week... he has no future with the toon and if he ever wears the black and white stripes moonay will show his bare arse in Burton's window ( again ).


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No need to panic, he never had a future with us beyond this season. Hopefully we don’t panic buy/loan anyone straight away. Take our time and identify a striker who can not only do well this season, but can handle the Championship next season. Until then we’ve got Grigg and Powell can also play up front. I’d actually be tempted to try Powell up front when Walker is fit and play Walker in Powell’s usual position. Unlike Grigg, Powell can actually head the ball and would be a threat from crosses and anywhere further out than the six yard box. We’ll probably just loan some Premier League kid as a stopgap until May I reckon and save some cash.

Lee Koo

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Agree no need to panic but squad looks a little light going into this weekend against a form team. Evans will be missed, Toney less so unless we have injuries. Walker not fit? We are even more reliant on Powell staying fit.


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For me the problem is that we are back to the situation we found ourselves in last season where as Whittle pointed out we were light up front. A couple of injuries to Grigg and Powell and all we have to offer is Hunt. Hopefully the matter is being addressed by the club and the situation will be resolved by the end of the window.


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Hope this doesn't come back and bite us in the bum. I like the lad but I hope he doesn't score too many for the remainder of the season.

Also rumours going round that Yanic is going to Cardiff on loan