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Tom Daley is GAY!


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At first I was confused; who was this Tom Daley? Then the article loaded up and it said that Tom Daley was a swimming dude from the Olympics. I was a little bit sad, why was this deemed newsworthy in 2013? Who are these small minded retards who think someone's person life is newsworthy?

They can cram their fake celebrities up their botoxed arses. Do some investigations, you useless bastards, and give us some real news.

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Just unbelievable isn't it? Just not news at all. Does that affect what he does for a living? No. Why mention it? As you say, small minded retards!

Strange old world we live in.


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as long as he sticks to being good at what he is good at (and i mean diving, not blowjobs) and keeps making the nation proud to be british/english, then who gives a fuck who his partner is??
I've just written a blog about this, not specifically about him but about the private lives of celebrities in general. Mind you, he tried to make it news himself by announcing it on Youtube.....very strange.


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no shit sherlock.

As said, does it matter - no, but it didn't exactly take a genius to notice.

By the way, it was not the press, he decided to do an interview, it wasn't actually to announce it, he just decided to, so you can't blame them. He also said some of his family and friends had took it "in different ways" - I presume that means some didn't take it very well - shame really, you would have thought they'd have just been proud of what he had done in his life.

Takes all sorts I suppose

The Fear

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Probably trying to get 'out' before outed maybe Villan of the North.

Just couldn't give a bugger (see what I did there?!)


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Should have looked for this thread before making my joke in the Interesting thread. So for those who missed it....

I see Tom Daley has come out of the closet. Living up to his reputation as a shit diver. :-)


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Why does it matter if he is gay. It shouldn't make news - if he had said "I am in a relationship with a woman" no one would have cared but because he said he is in a relationship with a guy it's news.

We are supposed to live in a world where this is OK, by bringing it to the national news shows that's not the case. He should just be allowed to live in peace, it is not affecting one else.


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if im honest im sure Tom Daly isn't arsed that its made the news... he knew the day he became a 'celeb'/famous that he wouldn't be able to have a shit without someone reporting it , because sadly thats the way britain is.... he'll still be laughing on the way to the bank.


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Villan Of The North - 2/12/2013 14:36

Mind you, he tried to make it news himself by announcing it on Youtube.....very strange.
To be fair... he was probably fed up with getting asked all the time about girlfriends and people presuming that you have a girlfriend etc. It still happens to me now.. in fact it happened day.. i went with one of the girls from work to do a patient's dressing and we were discussing Christmas and she said to me, '' What you doing over christmas then, you going to your girlfriends or''. And i've worked with these people on 3 separate occasions since April 2012 and i still get the presumptions off people. In fact in Nursing.. so many times you get the, '' Your not gay are you'' off staff and patient's alike. So i can actually imagine the type of questions Daley would have been asked, except it would literally have been every time he spoke to a journo... so i say fair play to him. Although the bit where he said '' I still fancy girls obviously''. I bet you that is bull and i bet his boyfriend wouldn't like this comments. haha.


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Villan Of The North - 2/12/2013 16:22

Unless he does swing both ways Simon, it's not unheard of.
Yeah i know but its unlikely. Watch him in that video, he sort of squirms when he says it and looks to me to say it to try and justify himself a bit more.

Common thing a lot of gay people do actually.. they go halfway and say they're bi even though there not because they think people are more likely to accept that. Silly really cos then you have to come out twice. Just get it over and done with.

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You had parent problems i know mate, if it isn't too intrusive, did you have any issues with friends?

Wasn't an issue on Vital as far as I can see, nor should it be.

Just curious really. I can't for the life of me see why these things matter really!