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Three times as much as Rams received for Hughes

Problem is Bloomer fans are used to it now. just look at Shackell dealings too ,sold for 1,1 million and bought back 3years later at 31 for 3million now released. 18 million does sound a lot but I suppose if that's what is offered .as they say a player s only worth what another club will pay and maybe Watfords was the only offer ever for Hughes.


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Yes, I know this story is from a highly dubious source but if true it highlights the terrible dealings Derby County have made in the last few years.
Bloomer Hughes is a very good player but Maddison is better definitely worth £18million Don't believe anything you read about the fees all transfers are Undisclosed The media are just guessing I can assure you Hughes fee was a lot more than what is repeatedly quoted


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A lowish initial fee for Hughes rising to a half decent one isn't all that strange when you look at the situation at the time.

He missed almost the entire 15/16 season with his ACL injury. Played most of the 16/17 season but was a shadow of his former self. He wasn't "right". There was a danger he never would be. He then hardly played in the opening couple of months of the season. When he did get in he was back to his best. He wasn't fit when he left us IMO. I expect him to get rave reports this season for Watford.
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