Three points is three points...


Vital 1st Team Regular
Scrappy match last night. Not one for the purist. Burton are a poor side that look doomed to me, but we didn't exactly light up the night either. When you think that the first shot on target from either side was our second goal on eighty minutes, it should say it all.
Our first goal was a strange affair. A free kick from the right side of the penalty area hit across as hard as a corner would be. It cleared the area and was crossed back, once again too far. But a low hard cross did what that kind of cross could do. Go anywhere. It hit a defender and went in. Nice thing was, it was the same defender who'd been nagging Maupay all first half.
Their closest effort was a cross that went across the face of the goal and only needed a touch. Then came our second which still has me wondering how such a weakly placed effort reached the goal leave alone went in.
New bloke got a second half run out and made some nice touches, worked hard but didn't really do any more or less than anyone else.
Maupay needs to learn to shut up though. Pulled up for a foul he kept on at the ref who explained why he gave the foul then told him to stop arguing. He kept on and after a second warning was booked. Then he made a couple of silly fouls, one of which the number five made a right meal of and many refs would have sent him off. He was rightly subbed at half time.

Need an improvement if we want anything Saturday.