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Thoughts from County 3 Barrow 2


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A quick list of thoughts from the 3-2 victory over Barrow.

Not seen any highlights... just my observations Defensively.. 1st goal looked soft.

Nice turn from their forward and 0-1. Defensively.. 2nd goal.. was the wall lined up correctly? Hinchliffe was more or less centre of the goal.

It was a free-kick that you had that feeling they would score.

Going forward first-half - at times we looked really slick. Their keeper played well - we could well have gone in ahead at the break. After the break, the same quick tempo and slick passing paid dividends. Frank Mulhern finish was nice and a great strike from Keane even better.

A lovely pass from Turnbull into the box enabling the ball across to be slotted in by Thomas showed we could carve the Cumbrians apart at will.

However, and we've seen this so many times, the habit of dropping back deeper and deeper allowing Barrow to have the initiative was asking for trouble. Couple that with Frank's replacement by Bell and we could not get the ball to stick up front and suffered wave after wave of Barrow attacks.

We were almost dropping back inside the 18-yard box for the last 10 minutes.

Credit to Hinchliffe for repelling a lot... though with better finishing Barrow could come away with a win at the end.

Referee and officials... a bit weak. Let a bit of nastiness from Barrow go. Time-wasting could be seen from as early as 15 minutes which irritated those around me in the Main Strand. Frank Mulhern - he may only get to 10 goals but he brings much more to the party.

We do defend right from the very front when he is on the pitch. He is such an asset.

Bell I think is not 100% suited to playing a sole target man role. The ball last night did not 'stick' and his style which I would describe as 'languid' does him no favours. Perhaps he is better as part of an attacking 2 (or 3!).

Attendance was brilliant. Barrow fans were very vocal. All in all - great value for a dad £18 and his two lads (a fiver each)
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Thanks Cropped. I was happy (!) to see we received 2 yellows and I hope that they were for being competitive. It is a hard League and we mustn't be "Pussies".
Matty Warburton scored for Northampton but my "source" tells me that the fans think that he is being played too far back in a withdrawn role.


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Hi LGC - we were certainly (especially in the first half) snapping at the Barrow players heels, nothing untoward, just high energy pressing football. The one yellow was for a mistimed tackle - no complaints from me - the second yellow escapes me.
Interesting re: Warby at Northampton. Hope it works out for him and I see he scored at Swansea.
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